Equity Finance for SME Companies

Supporting SMEs to grow beyond the Covid-19 Crisis

About us

We are a team of Chartered Accountants, Entrepreneurs and Private Investors.  We take the time to understand your business and your long term objectives as an owner/manager.  As experienced business turnaround professionals we have a range of equity and debt solutions for SME owners looking to stabilise your business during the Covid-19 Crisis and build a strong Balance Sheet to take advantage of future business opportunities.

"While there are multiple Covid-19 supports backed by SBCI, LEO's and Enterprise Ireland, SME's also have a requirement to capitalise their domestically focused business to trade through this crisis and expand as the market opens up."

Contact us

Please send us an email with your contact details and a brief outline of your business to set up a conversation.

Our Offer

We provide Equity Capital to SME companies trading in Ireland.  After evaluating your business and discussing your funding requirement, we decide quickly whether to go ahead or not with the investment process.  The investment range starts at €50,000 and can reach up to €1 million.   We are sector agnostic with experience in sectors such as Software/IT, Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Hospitality, Engineering, Construction, Telecoms, Property, Energy etc.,  to name a few.    

"Our whole ethos is to partner with the SME
entrepreneur who is the owner/manager, no matter what the size of your business, we will agree a business and financial plan to address the market uncertainty and fund future growth."